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Offer of Cacti and Succulent Seeds


This is a newly established offer within our seed collections: a wide variety of cacti and succulent seed for all the growers!seed catalogue semen if offered to choose from nearly 5.500 varieties and package types of seeds.

There is no need to look for the seeds or rustle them else-where. Just start your hunting with us! To order the seeds you simply make your choice from a catalogue, fill in an order form and send it to us (via post, fax or just e-mail it).

Catalogue of Cacti and Succulent Seeds

Make your choice from our catalogue that is prepared for you in an Excel based format, which allows pre-set items filtering as so as to make your selection as easy and fast as possible. Naturally, we provide also the well-known and popular PDF format based catalogue.

To order particular items, please fill in the order form below and send it to us (via post, fax or just e-mail it).

Catalogue of Seeds – Excel 19.10.15 (11,8 MB)   Download »»»
Catalogue of Seeds – 19.10.15 (2,1 MB)   Download »»»

Catalogue „Cacti Connoiseur's Boutique recovery“

Cat. „boutique“ – Excel 19.10.15 (240 kB)   Download »»»
Cat. „boutique“ – PDF 19.10.15 (513 kB)   Download »»»

Order Form

If you made a choice, then to finish your seeds order, please download our order form, fill it in and send it to us via post, fax it or e-mail it. We look forward to your orders…

Order Form in Word (75,5 kB)   Download »»»


By placing an order you agree with our Rules for complaints regarding seeds!

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